Visualization is a pathway from engineering to art.

In the architecture, engineering and construction industries, photorealistic renderings, VR and videos are instrumental in bringing projects to life and translating our vision for the audience.

Visualization elevates and brings clarity to the technical intent over the entire lifecycle of a product: from the presentation of initial concepts to the final stages of production.

At Splendid, 3D visual products have been long integrated with our approach, making engineering work appealing and providing a powerful visual expression of all data flows.

Our dedicated visualization team creates an immersive visual environment connected to the BIM model at all times, allowing us to extract various outputs, revise and refine in real-time.

In this manner, stakeholders meetings openly benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise.

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Animation & Simulation

Nothing is still in the universe. The same goes for any engineering project we work on. We animate and simulate most things that interact with the project and its functionality. From crowds to traffic flows, from physics simulations to fluid dynamics simuations and much more with the help of our new friend : AI.


An image speaks 1000 words. What about an immersive virtual experience? We use game engines to bring real-time interactions and simulations to our clients. Tools like these open discussions and posibilities to a new different level of understanding and perception. VR is also one of these tools.

Real-time in Cloud

The new generation of games also require expensive hardware in order to have a pleasent experience. Not anymore! All you need is good internet and a browser. The rest is happening in the cloud. It works seamless on many platforms and devices.

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